Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Think you know me?


Here is a few facts I think my lovely readers and be people should know about me. Comment your Facts below !

1. I'm young and always felt as though I was much mature than my peers, or at least went dealt with situations my peers wasn't going through.
2. My favorite color is green. This color literally does something to me beside make me feel joyful.
3. I Have so many dreams to succeed.
4. I hate when people talk to close in my face.
5. My favorite food is chicken
6. I have this horrible habit of getting too attached to people really fast. I wish I wouldn't.
7. I wish I could be more affectionate.
8. I am a feminist ! , please don't try to tell me anything other.
9. I like meeting new people, why not become friends?
10. I LOVE to shop, but HATE looking at my bank statements.
11. I love my grandmother.
12. I love makeup, hair and colorful accessories.
13. I hate when people stare at me, especially on the train.
14. A must in my bag: gum, lip balm
15. I can watch all seasons of love and hip hop.
16. I love vogue dancers, want to learn it so badly.
17. I believe I am a very hilarious person.
18. I can munch on peanut snacks for days.
19. I would consider a nice date or meetup at a bar or frozen yogurt place.
20. Black is beauty, I am BEAUTIFUL.

Comment some of your facts !! :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

90's Baby

"Stop daydreaming with your mouth hanging open before your lips get big!" I'm convinced that all of our grandparents and even parents once stressed these foolish "life lessons" before. Well at least for my family and I, yes. I can't begin to say how many times I thought people could randomly become "ugly looking" just by making silly face. I don't know which was worst, thinking your face could've change from silly faces, or believing having "big lips" was ugly.

Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, black women (at least the ones I grew up watching) actually looked black! All we had was some ashy powder foundation, eyeliner and black lip liner and we looked stunning.


To me I think that's the most beautiful look ever ! But for some ridiculous reason that was also considered ugly. It was all about "thin features" and "light-to-white skin." I personally think all women are beautiful (especially in there own way.) However, call it favoritism but black women have the beauty of queens. Yes we have been oppressed for hundred of years from blacks and non blacks, focusing more on or looks and bodies, but I personally think that one reason was because of intimidation. Everyone knows beauty when they see it; it's just a matter of power, jealousy and control that prevents you from admitting it.


But to get back on topic, it's sad that I grew up in my home to think that having big lips or any full feature wasn't attractive. Despite forwarding years later and seeing more European women "trending" this African looks, and some black women going for this "European look", I still believe self pride/love should be a primary factor in your life. No one shouldn't give you the okay or thumbs up when they finally feel like admiring or even acknowledging your beauty. No man, women, white or black can ever tell me how to view myself. I am careful though; people would go as far as subconsciously trying brainwash you.

I'm just blessed that I haven't took that mentality into my adulthood, (It could've been worst). I don't blame my parents, after all that's how they been raised. What I do think is that they should have been more carefully with they words they used to describe "ugly looking" and the people associated with it, especially talking about it in the presence of their young gullible black daughters. I am glad to say I did learn a "life lesson"

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lonely Days

Ever been so alone that you've become lonely? Or been in the center of attention, and yet feel so distant? From peers, family and even life?

Photo credit: Imgkid.com

Yeah... welcome to my world too ! I can't remember that last time my "soul felt whole." Somewhere down this crazy dysfunctional daily life, I almost never feel complete. With love, hope, happiness, nothing. Sometimes I feel as though I really do in fact "live in the moment." I mean really, that's probably the best way to get through these life situations. Planning and "applying" my journey to true happiness really didn't wait for my never ending crazy thoughts. Thoughts about my future, family, school, health, almost everything. I mean realistically speaking, everyone goes through tough situations, yes, but some people have them worst than others and even deal with them differently. We can't help but go through these emotionally unstable times in our life. But what we can do is understand the problem, want to change it, and actually take the right steps to happiness.

Photo credit: endyoudepression.com

For me that became journaling which then led to blogging. I stumbled upon Create Write Now website, in hopes of an activity to keep my mind focused, and get a sense of who I am through journaling. I must say, I am super glad I did ! At first I really didn't think that writing down my daily thoughts could possibly help to being a better person, but it did in fact a lot.

 Photo credit: createwritenow.com

From free write, to topics and many more, you'll love to journal on the regular, but most importantly understand the roots of the problem you've been facing, and then be able to change those frustrating habits of yours. Don't believe me? Then try it out yourself, not only is it very interesting and informative, but also fun and free !

Monday, March 9, 2015

Plus Spring

photo credit: fashion-kid.net

Spring is finally approaching ! And I'm super excited for all the fun colorful fashion. Yes it's true, when people hear spring/summer they think of slim or "hot bods." But this time around we should be ready to embrace our waist ! Being plus size can put a lot of stress on people (especially women). Nothing is more saddening then wanting to look and feel good, but is very self-conscious about your body, leaving you feeling hopeless. Ohh, but there IS hope ! And it's nothing more than the oh-so classic high waist pants.

photo credit: piniful.com
photo credit: trend-kid

 For plus size women, we should make our clothes our befriends. Jeans can either make or break your look, and I do believe majority of the time you can't go wrong with stylish or even a simple pair of high jeans. Not only do they flaunt your sexy silhouette, but they also can hide the areas you don't want exposed. You'll even look taller in them too ! Feeling a little sporty? You can try high waist shorts (or cut & style your own). I prefer a nice cropped designer top, or a long cut up tee to "work the look", and because these pants tend to be very versatile, you'll look great in most trending tops. Of course the look can't be completed without (my favorite part of an outfit) stunning accessories.
photo credit: seventeen.com

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Red Lipstick

                                                             photo courtesy: House Of Marbury

This isn't your average lipstick you see in the magazines or in advertisements.
No! It's that extra special one with the hint of pink in it, and with the right amount of
fullness around your dark cupid's bow, it can come off as an elegant ombre style.
Or it can be the one you die to wear every time you go out, and get stood up. I don't think
I never wore this lipstick past my front door. I usually end up taking it right off after I get
that text, email, or no just response (they wouldn't be able to make it tonight). Every Friday night my lipstick and I goes in this vapid phase, after being stood up. I tried to stop dealing with company who isn't interested in hanging out with me, but  obviously I need to break my "special occasion makeup" into "everyday wear makeup." That way I can actually enjoy wearing my lipstick and wouldn't feel so let down (especially on a Friday night).