Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Think you know me?


Here is a few facts I think my lovely readers and be people should know about me. Comment your Facts below !

1. I'm young and always felt as though I was much mature than my peers, or at least went dealt with situations my peers wasn't going through.
2. My favorite color is green. This color literally does something to me beside make me feel joyful.
3. I Have so many dreams to succeed.
4. I hate when people talk to close in my face.
5. My favorite food is chicken
6. I have this horrible habit of getting too attached to people really fast. I wish I wouldn't.
7. I wish I could be more affectionate.
8. I am a feminist ! , please don't try to tell me anything other.
9. I like meeting new people, why not become friends?
10. I LOVE to shop, but HATE looking at my bank statements.
11. I love my grandmother.
12. I love makeup, hair and colorful accessories.
13. I hate when people stare at me, especially on the train.
14. A must in my bag: gum, lip balm
15. I can watch all seasons of love and hip hop.
16. I love vogue dancers, want to learn it so badly.
17. I believe I am a very hilarious person.
18. I can munch on peanut snacks for days.
19. I would consider a nice date or meetup at a bar or frozen yogurt place.
20. Black is beauty, I am BEAUTIFUL.

Comment some of your facts !! :)